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Start Wherever You Like

Hard to tell the taxi driver to go to the meeting point in Japanese? Sweaty after the tour? No worries! Your tour starts and ends at your hotel! We care about before/after the tour.

Private – Up to 4 Persons in 1 Group

You might want to visit an attractive spot when you find it on a bike. What if other people are involved in your group? You can stop by at your own pace. You might want to cycle slowly or fast. You don’t have to keep up with the other group members—cycle at your own pace. We want you to enjoy such private time in Tokyo.


We provide e-bikes, so the motor and battery will assist you when you pedal. It is a relaxing activity. You don’t have to worry about the hill anymore!


Our bike tours range from 15-20km (9-12.5 miles) in distance and are considered easy level. Our tours are specially curated based on the theme of skyscrapers to back streets in Tokyo, with multiple short stops along the way to give commentaries and let you drink up.


The tour will be 3 hours. You can extend or shorten as you like. It usually starts at 8:30 for the morning tour or 14:00 for the afternoon tour almost every day. Of course, you can make a request to start earlier or later to fit in your own schedule. (The additional fee will be charged.)

A Local Guide

The guide has about six years of guiding experience as a cycling guide in Tokyo. You will learn more about it when you read our brand story.

Our Tours


Basic Prices

DescriptionsPrices (2-4 persons)
Regular Price¥22,000 per person
Seasonal Price (March 7th – May 31st, 2024)¥27,500 per person
  • All prices are subject to changes without any prior notice.

Only 1 Participant

We always host the tour for one group. For the special support, there will be an additional charge of ¥11,000 when you sign up by yourself.

  • Any applicable promotions will be applied unless otherwise specified.


The following additional fees are applied for customizing a tour. We will do our best to meet your requests, especially when we build a personalized route.

* Any applicable promotions will NOT be applied unless otherwise specified.

OptionsAdditional fees
Change the starting time by your request¥11,000
Extend the tour by your request (up to 2 hours)¥5,500 per 30 mins
Visit a certain place away from the route¥11,000 per place
Other¥22,000 per request